Changing your world one step at a time


John, Father of a 20 year old:
Our son turned his life around with your coaching. He gained confidence through your meetings and he felt he had something to offer again. The impact was so positive and resulted in a job that also suited his personality. He only discovered this through your coaching”.

Steve, 60 years of age
"I retired early following a fine career in IT. I found that whilst I had many plans to fill my time, nothing prepared me for losing a bit of my identity now that I had stopped working. To a large degree my work defined me as a person. With coaching, Amanda really helped me come to terms with my new life choices and find purpose".


Anita, 27 year old
"I have really enjoyed working with Amanda, which isn't a feeling one usually would expect during therapy sessions. After just one session I felt heard and gained the confidence to start working through my issues. Although therapy isn't all about quick fixes, I feel I've made a lot of progress in a short amount of time. I feel validated but have also gained greater clarity and perspective through our sessions. Thank you so much for everything Amanda!".

Andy, 45 year old

"Therapy with Amanda has helped me overcome my demons and keeps my thinking in the present. It has given me a better perspective on my present and future".

Rowan, 21 year old
"Therapy with Amanda has helped me find the language to describe how I am feeling. This has brought me closer to my family and given me more confidence. I also have tools I can use to recognise my anxiety and calm myself down".

Mariam, 31 years old
"Therapy was so important to me during lockdown. things were bad but could have been a whole lot worse if I did not have weekly sessions. Amanda helped me understand the trauma I have experienced and to understand the shame I felt. I have a much greater understanding of what happened to me and have some acceptance".

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